Paula_and_WandaDear Fellow Marketers,

We’ve been working online now for close to 10 years and for a large part of that time we struggled to make anywhere close to a decent income.  And in the process, we spent a lot of money on ebooks, training programs,  plugins, themes, membership sites, software and so much more. We were definitely spending more money than we were making.

We know that many online marketers are in the same boat. Not only do they want to learn everything they can to make a decent living online, but they also want, and need,  access to all the tools that make it possible to do so.

That’s exactly why we created this membership site. Not only does it provide training on just about every internet marketing related method available today, it also includes themes, plugins, sales page templates, graphics, audio and so much more to make your business an online success.

We are proud of what we have created and we look forward to you coming to join us today!

Wanda and Paula

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Everything You Need To Know Including…

  • How to build a blog using WordPress
  • How to make money with Amazon
  • How to create a WSO
  • How to make money with Fiverr
  • How to create a Facebook Fan Page
  • How to get backlinks & traffic to your blog
  • How to get traffic with social media
  • How to create and publish a Kindle book



Wordpress Training

Learn How to Build a Blog

We take you through the steps for creating your own WordPress blog from start to finish. Easy step-by-step short videos that will have you up and running in no time. Over 60 videos are included for both beginners to advanced users of WordPress.

Amazonian Profit Plan

Learn How to Make Money with Amazon

If you want learn how to make money by promoting Amazon products then you’ve come to the right place. Our best selling Amazonian Profit Plan sold over 1000 copies and is now only available on Affiliate Tools HQ. Every step is included and you can ask us a question at any time if you need help.

Guest Blogging Essentials

Learn How to Get Traffic to Your Blog

Need traffic to your site? We show you how. Guest blogging is one of the most powerful methods to get high quality backlinks and traffic to your site and used in conjunction with the Amazonian Profit Plan training this will get your sites ranked and making money. We also include our 7 Powerful Methods for Getting Traffic ebook which provides solid methods for generating traffic as well as various other training programs and tips and hints.

Social Media Training

Social Media Training

These days it’s vitally important to have a social media presence. We provide step-by-step video training on how to build a Facebook Fan Page, how to use Twitter effectively and how to use and get the most out of Pinterest.

General Headers


If you need a header then you don’t need to pay a graphic designer to do one for you. At Affiliate Tools HQ we include over 100 different headers in a variety of niches including health, garden, baby, weight loss, food and more. Plus, we include a good range of premium generic headers that will suit any site AND we take requests if you want a particular niche header that we don’t already have.


Sales Page Graphics

Included is a database of sales page graphics including ‘add to cart’ buttons, pricing tags, guarantee seals, arrows, bullet lists, comparison tables and much more.  These are perfect if you are creating a sales page but they can also be used on review pages or general blog pages.

Note: Some of the graphics are web ready and some require Photoshop CS to edit.


Icons, photos, backgrounds & more

We are creating a database of images that we have purchased the rights to so that you can freely use them on your website or blogs. It currently includes icons, backgrounds, photos, 3D characters and more.

Download MP3


We have included royalty free audio clips, tracks, loops and special fx audios to the membership site. These are great for adding as background music to videos or as an intro to a podcast or webinar.


Tutorials to help you with your online business

Included are both video and written tutorials on a wide variety of topics including Clickbank, Flexsqueeze theme, Catalyst theme, Photoshop CS, Gimp, basic computer skills and much more.


Mind & Body

Getting your mindset right is paramount in this business. We provide motivational and self help techniques to get you thinking differently and focusing on success.


One-On-One Site Feedback

Submit your site for review. We will assess it and provide you with valuable feedback and suggestions to help you improve sales.

Kindle Training

Learn how to publish your own Kindle book

Our latest addition to the site is a step-by-step to creating a Kindle book. We include every step from start to finish including choosing a topic, how to write your Kindle book and how to publish and promote it.


Learn how to make money with Fiverr

If you want to learn the right way to make money on Fiverr then you have come to the right place. We have included a video training package that will provide you with everything you need to know.


Learn how to create a drop-shipping site

Learn how to build a drop-shipping site with full video training that takes you through step-by-step from building the blog to finding products.


Here are just a few happy customers…


Note: We do not ask internet marketers to write testimonials on our behalf when they haven’t even tried the product. What you see below are real testimonials from real people who have actually used our products.


 Here’s an email we received recently from a happy member of Affiliate Tools HQ…


BrentHaleHey Paula and Wanda!

I’ve gained so much from this membership site and I just wanted to say thanks.

 I also wanted to let you know that since I made some of the changes you suggested I’ve seen a big increase in traffic. I’m averaging close to 300 unique views and 500 page views a day and I’m getting close to being on the first page for a HUGE keyword in my niche.
Furthermore, my Amazon commissions have tripled this month from the previous month. So, hopefully this trend continues! If you ever need a testimonial or help with anything, let me know. It’s the least I could do.
Brent Hale

And here are a few testimonials from some happy customers of our Amazonian Profit Plan which is included as part of the membership.


Terry EdwardsI’ve been an affiliate with Amazon for more than 2 years and have struggled to make more than $300 a month. I began reading the success that Paula and Wanda were having and knew I needed to get this book. Am I glad I did.The book is very easy to follow and there is nothing left out. You’ll discover how to find the right products to promote, how to do keyword research the right way (this was a huge eye-opener for me), and how to write a product review that grabs your visitors attention and gets them to your Amazon page. The support they provide is refreshing. They’ve answered my emails and went out of the way to help.

But the bottom line is how much of a difference will this training make to your income? Does it really help? I can only speak for myself, but when I began implementing the review method from the book on one of my older sites, I immediately noticed an increase in sales. In fact I had my best month ever this past month and I know it is only the beginning. I can’t say thank you enough for putting this training out. I can only say to anyone who would like to start making money through Amazon… get this book while it is still available.

Terry Edwards


CathyBendzunasI have to tell you ladies how much I am enjoying the Amazonian Profit Plan. I read the  whole thing yesterday & plan on going through it again. Not to mention, I’m sure I’ll use it as a reference guide for a long time to come! This has got to be the best money I have ever spent on Internet Marketing learning materials. I have learned so much!

Cathy Bendzunas


This e-book is very down to earth. It is not filled with a lot of hype and useless information. What I like best about your methodology is that it is NOT information overload. You have everything laid out so simple that anyone could implement your strategy without much technical knowledge, sure, it helps if you know wordpress but I bought the Amazonian Profit Plan Friday night and have 3 niche sites up already, (honestly). Can’t wait until I start seeing the traffic.

Thanks a million!
Janet Walker


Anna OftedalI had already decided that I would go for Amazon affiliate $$, but I’m an almost complete IM newbie.

Your plan outlines everything I need to do – and how to do it – step by step. I appreciate that so much! It is awesome! The biggest challenge (as always in IM) is to stay on track and not get sidetracked by the details and technical stuff (the learning curve).



Charles RobertsMy only complaint about the ebook was it kept me up half the night.


Charles Roberts


Premier Exif JPEGThe Amazonian Profit Plan Ebook is a straight forward step by step plan on making money as an Amazon Associate. It’s no nonsense approach is designed to help you get the results you want. It answered all of my questions on the logistics of exactly what to do. Buy it and DO IT.



RhondaHad a chance to read your book last night and it is amazing.

The detail that you went into is fantastic. The jewel is how to write the reviews! I can’t wait to get started.





We are no longer accepting new members to Affiliate Tools HQ…


We are more than happy to answer any questions you may have but if we don’t answer your question right away, it’s most likely because we are on the other side of the world and we are probably getting some sleep. So please be patient – we will answer as soon as possible.